PMA vs punky power [Closet Version] - [Single]

by George Glas

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A traditional style single from the upcoming George Glas album.

--Recorded in a college dorm closet.

Track Listing:

Side A: PMA vs. punky power
Producer: Tennyson
Instrumental: You're Cute

Side B: Rocky loves Emily
Producer: Knxwledge
Instrumental: OpinyunGayme

Cover Photography: Frankie Madera


released September 30, 2014

Thanks to Pravar, Shay, Billy, Frankie, Truly Amazing Records and all those who still listen to my sad closet raps, they're the reasons why I still try.



all rights reserved


George Glas Maryland

Someone who makes noises when others aren't around.

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Track Name: PMA vs punky power [Closet Version] (prod. Tennyson)
There's probably kids back at that McDonald's still sneaking cigs,
Under the dim lot light, dragging the night without their parent's permission,
Miles away here I am, contemplating occupations,
And wages based off tips and our forced conversations
Maybe this truth will give me more than loose gum dreams,
That seems to mean more than what a book could just simply prescribe,
Although one time, it made a girl state I'm cute,
When I replied where were you during prom night
I, coat watching with my polo on,
Solo, iso, wishing you were under my right arm,
But no charm lies within my marrow,
If this is me tonight who the fuck will I be tomorrow
A brittle boned day walker,
Cleansed of my Old Spice tonic water
A faint odor, put that on me
A bit of shame, but that's all me
Coffee for my orgy men,
Denny's for my nightingales,
Shield us for the great outdoors,
Forewarned this whole damn night turned stale
And every one since minced in a blender,
Rendered quite useless by this time late December
Resolution time's, just always been a bummer
But this year, I'll switch gears towards shear Punky power
Fingers crossed this coming year's smasheroo
For me and for you, for me and for you too
For me and for you, for me and for you too (x2)
Maybe the world is blind,
Or just a little unkind
(don't know)
Seems you can't be sure
Of anything anymore
(although) (x2)
Our old hearts of gold, tarnish well in the night air
Appearance uncanny, we understood how it once faired
Farewell to the party, pardon me all for my absence,
Half of me opted to stay, half of me opted my option
Often the back of my mind,
Caries functions and notions
Noting the things that I've done,
On days I've often did nothing
From beginning to end,
For partysome friends,
I killed the party again,
(Don't care what you may do,
We got that attitude,
Don't care what you may say,
We got that PMA)
Track Name: Rocky loves Emily (prod. Knxwledge)
You set one beautiful table my fair señorita,
For what it's worth, it's the worst of my icebreakers
You remind me of sour candy and couch cushions,
you remind me of quiet sittings and scarf knitting
I like the color of you hair and your face piercings
Piercing eyes, when peering mine, averts my direction
...Eye contact,
Is brutal for sappy young rap gents, who suck at compliments
Confidence don't come along, when confidants are sparse
sparing thoughts are those who harp,
When all opinions are ajar
So far,
I'd play basketball to get your new bike back,
Just to prove to bullies that it's not right to do that
Hoping in the end we're like Rocky and Emily,
Knowing in the end that'll probably put an end to me
Enemies, envy the possibility of..

Hey, how come you turn that off?